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We invite you to come and see what is happening here, to Come Share the Spirit and the Gospel life of following the footsteps of Jesus. We’ve been here on Cape Ann for over a hundred years: a loving, sturdy, sustainable, community church, in one of the most beautiful parts of New England. We serve the towns of Cape Ann and beyond.  Our strength is our faith, our joy is in Christ, our love is active in service to our neighbors near and far.

Sunday Services begin at 10:00 AM., except during summer (July and August), when services begin at 9:00 a.m.  Join us for coffee and refreshments after the service. Office Hours are Tues.-Thurs. 10:00–3:00 p.m. If you have any questions, you may email us: office@stpaulcapeann.org, or call: 978-283-6550.

A message from our Church Council: St Paul is a community that strives to follow Jesus’ example of unconditional inclusion. We ask for your suggestions, support and prayers while we move as a congregation, as Lutherans, as Christians, as beloved neighbors and as global communities toward this goal. As custodians of a house of God, we welcome all persons: all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races and faiths; including non-believers and persons curious about faith.

From the Pastor’s desk

  • Hurricane Prayers - Hurricane Irma, following close on Harvey, is making its devastating way across the Caribbean. We are keeping all who are in the path of Irma in our prayers; we continue to pray for those affected by Harvey, and for recovery efforts. Should you wish to help in some way, Lutheran Disaster Response is a good... Continue Reading →
  • Easter III - Easter arrived April 16th, and as usual, some of us went to Good Harbor Beach for the ecumenical Easter sunrise service. It was a balmy peaceful dawn, and none of us could remember a warmer one. We didn’t even need jackets. The peace of the morning stayed with us for our festive Eucharist at 10:00... Continue Reading →
  • Lent V–Questions from Working Preacher - Tomorrow is the Fifth Sunday in Lent. The Sunday scripture readings are powerful affirmations of life in the midst of death: the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1-14; a heart-searching song in Psalm 130; a consideration of life in the Spirit in Romans 8:6-8, and finally the raising of Lazarus in John 11:1-45. Working... Continue Reading →
  • Refugee Sunday Sermon–The Rev. Alice Erickson - On February 19th, 2017–we held a Refugee Sunday at St. Paul Lutheran Church. The Rev. Alice Erickson, a local pastor with long experience in refugee and immigration work preached a marvelous sermon. Here it is! Refugee Sunday Rev Erickson Sermon During the weeks since, we have sponsored a collection of needed items for NuDay Syria,... Continue Reading →
  • Epiphany and the Baptism of Our Lord - Sunrise glitters after a snowstorm; every crystal of snow reflects the light. The world shimmers with it. On Epiphany, we celebrate the Light of Christ, that shone for the Magi, that shines in Jesus’ baptism, that shines on us, brighter than a sunrise after a snowstorm. Come and celebrate the great “manifestation” of our Lord... Continue Reading →
  • 4th Sunday in Advent - We had our Christmas pageant at church this week. I have to say, it was wonderful to celebrate the Nativity, an act of joyful resistance and a declaration of hope into a world in need of goodness. The Nativity: Good news for everyone. A child is born. Hope emerges from a womb of darkness, blood... Continue Reading →
  • Advent Week 1 - We were blessed, as we began the First Week of Advent, to receive three new members to St. Paul Lutheran Church. During the sermon, the three of them offered their reasons for wanting to be a part of this community. The homily addresses the theme of “arriving” in Advent. We give thanks for those who... Continue Reading →
  • Thanksgiving Prayers–Gratitude for Creation - The following Thanksgiving prayer is adapted from an Iona resource called Celtic Prayers from Iona. It seemed particularly beautiful for this year, because of its compassion for creation, and our stewardship of this island earth we call home. O Sun behind all suns I give you greeting this new day. Let all Creation praise you,... Continue Reading →
  • “All the Verses II” - Last Sunday, October 23rd, the Pastor was ill. The congregation experienced the priesthood of all believers as all came together to help lead worship service. Laurie Jamieson was willing to preach, again, and on short notice. Below is her sermon–the audio, and the printed version. All the Verses II The Gospel today tells the story... Continue Reading →
  • “All The Verses” Stewardship Theme for 2016 - On Sunday, October 16th, we were blessed to hear the preaching of Laurie Jamieson, one of our gifted lay preachers at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Laurie is also our very gifted Stewardship Director, inspiring us each year to consider the blessings of this church and our ministry together. Each year, when we open our Stewardship... Continue Reading →
  • Of Mustard Seeds and Mulberry Trees. - This morning’s sermon was a communal sermon, focusing on Mustard Seed faith at St. Paul Lutheran Church. The congregation helped tell the story. The painting below is The Mulberry Tree by Vincent Van Gogh–a mulberry tree appeared in Jesus’ parable this morning from Luke.
  • Sermon from Sept.25th - This is a teaching on true contentment. It comes from knowing who we are, and the Lord we follow. I never thought of Jesus as particularly content, at least as I understood contentment. But, then, considering the question in relationship to the prophetic voice of Amos, Psalm 146, Paul’s teaching to Timothy, and Jesus’ parable... Continue Reading →
  • Calumet Sojourn - St. Paul Lutheran Church has long enjoyed a solid relationship with our Lutheran outdoor ministry, Camp Calumet, in Freedom New Hampshire. As one of the pastors in our Synod, I had the opportunity recently to be a chaplain and a co-leader for a Camp Calumet Lutherhostel in Freedom, New Hampshire, called “Let There Be Light.”... Continue Reading →
  • Sermon-Sept. 4, 2016 - This morning, we returned to our 10:00 a.m. hour. Remy and Zoe Blazzard opened the service with a Prelude on violin and cello, and a quartet of men from the choir sang for the Psalm, today. Eva DiLascio led us in worship on the piano. It was beautiful outside, with the wind just starting to... Continue Reading →
  • More Rubber Hitting the Road - We are in our fifth week of spiritual practices for tough times. This week’s spiritual practice is “Deep Listening.” So far, each week we have tried something, and then come back the following week to report on our experiences. After gratitude, we practiced generosity; then patience, which needed two weeks (at least!!!!), and then this... Continue Reading →
  • When the Rubber Hits the Road - This summer, we had planned to offer an evening small group discussion based on faith practices. Long before the sad events in our country in Orlando, Baton Rouge, St. Paul and Dallas, and before Belgium, Nice, France, Turkey, and now this week Munich, we had planned to call it “When the Rubber Hits the Road:”... Continue Reading →
  • A Week of Lamentation - Yesterday, the ELCA held a Service of Prayer and Lament at the churchwide office in Chicago. These are the things they prayed and are praying for: “Praying and lamenting the ongoing violence in our world and across our country…Praying and lamenting the loss of lives due to gun violence and racism…Praying and lamenting for the... Continue Reading →
  • Guest Preacher: Dr. Pam Shellberg - Below is a sermon preached recently by Dr. Pamela Shellberg. Dr. Shellberg has been attending St. Paul for a couple of years, as her travels allow. She is a New Testament scholar, and has taught at Bangor Theological Seminary, in Maine, and Andover Newton Seminary, here in Massachusetts. She is now the Scholar-in-Residence for the... Continue Reading →
  • Our Bishop’s Letter: On Orlando - 13 JUN On Orlando WRITTEN BY BISHOP JIM HAZELWOOD FOR NEWS A LETTER FROM BISHOP JIM HAZELWOOD This past weekend we held the 29th Assembly of the New England Synod under the theme “No Reservations: A Place at the Table for Everyone.” On Saturday, we received greetings from Imam Wissam Abdel-Baki and Interfaith and Outreach... Continue Reading →
  • Easter V: What wondrous love… - From Sunday, April 24th: For the fifth Sunday of Easter, the Gospel reading from John 13 takes us back to the night before Jesus’ death. Here, Jesus gives the disciples the commandment to love one another. We often don’t get it right, that loving. Yet, we are called and commanded to it. The good news:... Continue Reading →


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