August 31, 2005

This morning news of Hurricane Katrina continues to worsen, with devastating floods in New Orleans and surrounding cities and towns. If you have been watching the news, you are no doubt wondering what we can do to assist people there. Here’s a couple things: while the people on the Gulf Coast have asked for all of us to pray, you can also donate financial gifts to disaster relief in the region through the ELCA or Lutheran World Relief. For ELCA disaster relief, please click here: and donate to Lutheran Disaster Relief earmarked for Hurricane Katrina. You can also donate through http://www.

I’ve done a web search this morning, and there are many venues for giving help. Keep updated with Lutheran coverage of this event through the ELCA news available on our website, and stay informed about what our churches are doing in the region. Perhaps some of you have family or know people affected by the storm who need our help. If so, please email me or the church office at As always, we can respond with prayers and action.

If you find yourself drawn to volunteer to go down to New Orleans, please look at ELCA disaster response; we have relief teams, and other ways of offering hands-on assistance.

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