Intro to Guest Column

Dear Friends of St. Paul,
Below you will see a copy of an email letter sent by Sister Virginia Strahan from the New England Synod regarding New England Lutherans’ responses to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, clean-up efforts, volunteers needed and links to more information. It was sent to ELCA New England Synod rostered ministers to share with congregations. In my own research for appropriate responses to this calamity, after extended on-line and telephone inquiries, I have found that most relief agencies who work with the ELCA encourage us to give financial gifts to the Lutheran disaster response (see link below), and to watch for opportunities to volunteer or to send supplies. The ELCA disaster response website says in nearly all cases, during the early response to a crisis, financial gifts are more flexible, and have a more immediate impact than supplies. 100 % of your donations earmarked for Hurricane Katrina are used for that purpose. Last week in church, in one offering, our congregation raised over $1000 dollars for relief efforts. Thank you for your generosity, and your prayers. Pastor Anne

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