Prayers for Gloucester

Inauguration Day—January 1, 2010


Holy One, wise and gracious,
maker of heaven and earth
blessed are you.
You formed us for love and for service.
You call us into community, and guide us
in the ways of truth and peace.
We thank you for the beauty of our city,
the light of sea and sky, the landscape of rock and field.
We thank you for her proud history,
for the creative, industrious,
independent spirit of her citizens.
We thank you for the generations who have gone
before us, and for those who live here now,
for their courage and fortitude,
for all whose gifts have helped to create a strong community.
Today, we thank you most especially
for those who offer their gifts of leadership,
who serve their neighbor in public life.
Grant us your presence now,
as we honor them, and bear witness to
another generation of our leaders as they take office.
Stir up in us a vision for our future;
Grant us the dedication to work together,
in a spirit of wisdom, kindness, and justice,
for the well-being of Gloucester.

Prayer and Benediction
Holy One, we commend to your gracious
care and keeping: the land, the seacoast, the harbor,
and all those who live here,
the people, the wild creatures, birds and fish.
Make us good stewards of our beautiful home.
Bless those who hold office in our city government,
for Mayor Kirk and her staff, for the City Council,
and the School Committee.
Help them to use their authority
to serve faithfully and govern wisely.
May we who benefit from their service,
value their sacrifice for our general good.
We commend to you their families; strengthen their bonds of love.
Renew the ties of mutual regard which form our civic life.
Bless the people of our city,
men, women, and children,
from various cultures and with differing talents,
that we may find with one another, the fulfillment of our humanity.
Guide us into the ways of liberty, justice, truth and peace.
And now as we go forth, let us go with courage,
knowing that we each have a part.
Help us to do the work before us brick by brick,
one step at a time, with heads held high
and hearts full of hope.
Blessings, comfort, and peace be
with all of you and your families
on this New Year’s Day. Amen

Adapted from several sources including the Lutheran Book of Worship, and the ELW

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