Easter, 2010

He is risen! This morning we had a fabulous time–tuba, fiddle, piano, organ, bell choir, adult choir, children singing and dancing to “Lord of the Dance” hymn of the day. We left out the Kyrie and the Gloria, and I was fine with that, but there was a retired ELCA pastor at the service, and I was quite worried about it then! There’s just nothing like Easter. I’m thinking we may need two services next year, there were so many people there.

Thanks to all who made the day so beautiful, to those who brought flowers, and arranged them, thank you for bringing spring inside.

One of our young folks said she could just feel the Spirit.

I slept through the sunrise service at Good Harbor Beach. The clock was set, but just didn’t wake up. At least one of our parishioners was there. He took wonderful pictures of the bright sun rising over the sea. This is the first year since I’ve been here that those gathering on the beach didn’t shiver and shake through the whole service.

I’m not putting the sermon on-line, but I will give away the punchline. I wanted folks to remember three words for Easter this year: transformation–The Risen Lord transforms your life; liberation–The Risen One has freed your life; and joy–The Risen Lord brings joy to your life.

Here’s hoping your Easter was fabulous, that the Risen One meets you on your Emmaus road, and that he is revealed for you in the breaking of the bread.
Peace. P.A.

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