Easter–Tuesday, Day 3

April Greetings! Happy Easter everybody!
Thank you God, for raising Jesus and raising us. Thank you, Holy Spirit for your presence in our lives and in worship with us every week. Thank you to all who made Holy Week and Easter marvelous! Grateful thanks to those who created a lovely worship space, for the flowers you offered, and for those who arranged them, especially Ellie Fleet, Pam Ryan, and Carol Babson. Thank you to Martha Babson for your gift of Palms for Passion Sunday. Thank you to those who organized our Agape Meal on Maundy Thursday, especially Carol B. and Joanne Peterson.

Thank you to the Bell Choir, who opened Easter morning worship with a beautiful song of praise, ringing in the day; the Bell Choir also played a gorgeous bell peal at the end of communion, framing our prayers in glorious sounds. I’m sure there were bells in the garden on the first Easter morning.

Thank you to our guest musician, Mike Milnarik, who brought the deep and resonant sound of his tuba to our hymnody, supporting the organ, and most of all, for his tremendous final duet with Susan for the postlude, the Widor Toccata. One of our members said it was magical, and Susan and Mike received a standing ovation after the worship hour.

Thank you to our beloved choir whose voices carried us through the solemnities of Holy Week. Every anthem perfectly expressed the tone of each day, from Palm Sunday through Easter. The choir sang at every one of our services, an indispensable part of worship. Dear Choir, you lead us in prayer every week; your gifts of song help us to lift our voices to God in petition and praise. We love you, and we thank you for your wonderful presence with us.

Thank you to the Sunday School who prepared a song for Holy Thursday, and brought forward the gifts of Bread and Wine. Thank you for your gift of dance on Easter Day, as you acted out the wonderful story of our beloved Lord of the Dance. Thank you to Zach Hafey, who played violin with us, and Stan Feener’s drumming accompaniment.

Thank you to ushers, communion assistants, assisting ministers, readers, and acolytes. Liturgy means the work of the people, and your help is invaluable. Thank you to the Property Committee for their clean-up day before Holy Week. Thank you to Fred and Joanne Peterson, Ron Fleet, Michael Deneen, Dave Morey, and the LEAP group especially David Sidon, and Frank Garrison, and Joan Hays for help stemming the flood waters at the beginning of Holy Week.

Thank you most of all to our wonderful staff, Chris Blanchette, our Sexton; Susan Taormina, our Music Director; and Joanne Peterson, our Parish Administrator. You all helped us every step of the way, on the road up to the Cross, and then to the Garden on Easter Morning.

Thank you, Chris, for keeping the church shining on the Great Three Days. Everything was beautiful.

Joanne and Susan worked tirelessly and many long hours for these wonderful and holy festivals. Susan’s music and leadership accompanied us on the journey, from her practices with the children and the guest musicians, to her wonderful playing at each service.

Joanne’s loving heart and hands touched every part of this week, from flowers to folders, to candles, to the font, from the bulletins to the hymn board. She tended our preparations with devotion and care. She is, for us, one of those beautiful, faithful women, who followed the Lord every step of the way, and who found him one Easter morning in a shining garden.

Thank you, everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, for your faithful service to our Lord, and to his Church. Happy Easter!
In Peace,
Pastor Anne

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