Easter–Day 26

Dear Friends,
Below is a prayer alert from the Lutheran Disaster Response–with deep concern and prayers for the ecological disaster on the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi Delta.

I am broken hearted about it, as I know you all are, too. This is a very personal ecological and economic disaster for all who live there: the land, plants, creatures and people along the coast, and they have not recovered, yet, from Katrina. Peace, Pastor Anne
From Lutheran Disaster Response

Sisters and brothers in Christ,

We are all watching anxiously as the oil from the sunken BP platform continues to spread across the Gulf of Mexico and now is reported to have reached parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast. Many people fear the ways that this oil spill could affect the already delicate environment of the coastal marshlands and impact the livelihoods of fishermen and others who depend on the waters and native wildlife.

I met today with Peggy Hahn, Assistant to the Bishop of the ELCA’s Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, and we discussed ways that this oil spill may affect the lives and ministries of people there. At this time, your prayers are requested for all those who may be affected. Please pray for the people of Louisiana and the other Gulf Coast states. Please pray for the pastors and people of Lutheran congregations in these areas as they minister to their neighbors, especially those in places still working to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Our office will continue to monitor the effects of the oil spill and will share ways that we might minister together among those affected by this event.

In Christ’s service,

Rev. Kevin A. Massey

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