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There’s a short article in Alban Institute’s on-line resource that discusses congregational blogging; see here
I read it with interest because blogging is such a strange exercise. A Blog is a form of the diary and stands in a long tradition of personal reflective writing. Church website blogs can provide some glimpses into the wider life of the community, but the most innovative idea in the article was a community blog. Sharing the blog with members of a team helps keep information current, and offers insight into the multi-faceted perspectives of any one faith community. It sounded like fun. Of course, you have to have some editorial oversight, but overall it seems like an interesting endeavor. I think that we have some seasoned bloggers who might enjoy jumping into the community blog.

Also the article pointed out that blogs are typically short, while mine are typically long. Only because writing is a pleasure, and reading is as well. So apologies out there to you who like short blogs. And thanks to those who are willing to read longer ones.

Things are settling into summer now at St. Paul, although I have to say there was a lovely crowd on Sunday. I think it was because we were having an appreciation Sunday for our beloved Parish Administrator, Joanne Peterson, without whom, our little ship of faith would flounder. Thank you, Joanne, for all your service, compassion, and wisdom directed toward us.

We also had a brief, but fruitful meeting of Adult Education team yesterday, literally a standing committee. There were three different meetings happening simultaneously in Fellowship Hall and the Undercroft, amidst the usual conversations and snacking after the service. Adult Ed. met standing on the ramp between the two rooms. I’ve never had a meeting like that before, but it was quite enjoyable, to talk as people walked to and fro on the ramp. We decided to continue on the track we started last year, by assessing the learning needs and desires of congregational members. We’ll be using Book of Faith approach when appropriate, and offering some structured study. We will continue our lovely St. Paul Lecture series, afternoon times, and perhaps include a morning forum for adults on occasional Sundays during the education hour. Library plans continue to evolve, and the pastor is almost out of her old office, and into the new.

Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit is present and lively in this place, and the Gospel proclaimed!
Peace, Pastor Anne

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