Messing with the Website

Today, it finally cooled off, and we had one of those astonishing days that made everyone glad they live on Cape Ann, breezy, blue, and beautiful. At the beginning of June, Synod Assembly gathered out in Sturbridge for our annual confab and business meeting. During Assembly, some of us attended workshops, and our voting members, plus one more from St. Paul went to one on social media. We came back all fired up to work on this as a goal in the coming year. We’ve been talking about communications for some time, in Council, and in the office, seeking to make improvements in how we share information. After our workshop, some of the members of the church have decided to do some brainstorming about our website, about Facebook and Twitter, and all the wonders of the cyber world.

In an effort to update some of the content of the website, I took the liberty of rewriting the copy for the Home page, and asked some of our speakers and the Chair of Fulilling the Dream, Dick Babson, to send material for a Fulfilling the Dream page. We’ve added that now; but we’re not done with tinkering with that page. Keep checking in, and please let me (Pastor Anne: know what you think, or send a note to the church office, and we’ll forward it to the webmaster.

Thanks, P.A.

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