Summer’s End

Transitions are in the air, as summer ends here on Cape Ann. We’ve been watching birds gather for their long journeys south, and the leaves on trees have reached the moment when they are about to turn. You can tell. Two days ago, the temperature of the water in Plum Cove began to drop, and swimming became something daunting rather than a welcome relief from the heat. Rosehips are full and red, and the sunflowers’ heads are full of ripe seed.

Rally Day is coming this Sunday. Our theme this year comes from Jesus’ fishing stories, and fishing miracles which we thought appropriate for where we live: “Go Fishing With Jesus!” We’ll be thinking about “fishing” as a metaphor for growing our community, and also as a way of reflecting on stewardship of our talents. Jesus didn’t ask those first fishermen disciples to leave behind their fishing skills–he asked them to bring along their skills, and use them for the kingdom.

This Sunday, for an extra special Rally Day service, Pastor Eric Wefald will be with us, leading worship in some contemporary song. You can hear some of his music and the style of what we’ll be doing on Sunday here. We’re even changing the lessons–something I almost never do, to reflect our Go fishing with Jesus theme. Our Gospel reading is Luke 5:1-11. Hope to see you there for a wonderful Sunday.

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