Lent Approaches

Top Ten Hopes for Lent:
1). deeper turning toward God would happen for each person, self included.
2). Openness to Spirit’s leading, for congregation and self.
3). Conversion of heart i.e. the preferential option for the poor, may it really happen.
4). Wonder and joy in midst of wilderness wandering in the “exile of history” (Moltmann’s phrase).
5). Deeper understanding of theology of cross as including resurrection.
6). Seeing Jesus “mirror of God’s heart” more clearly.
7). Quiet peace of contemplation to descend.
8). Sense of humor even though penitential season–as in reverent sense of divine comedy that pervades earthly life.
9). Courage and endurance to follow the Gospel life
10). Radical joy.
What are your Top 10 Hopes/prayers for Lent?

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