Advent 2 Notes and Sermon

The second week-end in Advent was full of activity here–we celebrated the Annual Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 5th, with great success. Three days ahead, bakers, craft-makers, greens and wreath makers, all filled the Undercroft. Dave Stowell was on hand to make his marvelous fish chowder, and Saturday dawned sunny and beautiful. It seemed that every church on Cape Ann held its Christmas Fair on the 5th. One could circle the Cape sampling goodies from every denomination, but we are pretty sure we had the best Nisu, as we baked it ourselves, thanks to Mary Jane Morrill’s baking workshop. By Sunday, Dec.6th we had returned to Advent; the church cleaned to spotlessness by the many helpers, most of the Christmas decorations taken back down to return for the greening of the church on Dec. 19th. Thank you to all who helped make it a wonderful day, and especially to Suzanne Maki and Carol Gray, the organizers.

During the sermon-time, we experimented with silence, welcoming all that we could feel and hear into our midst, but most especially, the presence of Christ.

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