Trinity Sunday Sermon And Black Lives Matter from The Presiding Bishop

Dear Friends,

The events of the last two weeks have convulsed our country, from the murder of George Floyd by police, to the ongoing protests in large and small cities and towns, villages and neighborhoods in every 50 states. I have lived through many crises in our nation, and I came of age in the civil rights era. I have never seen anything like this, the diversity, the breadth of participation, the clarity of purpose. Furthermore, the protests, in the midst of a pandemic, against white supremacy, racism, and police brutality have spread around the globe. We are seeing the birth a powerful movement for justice emerge in our nation, for black people, indigenous people and people of color. In an effort to further our work to confront racism, our Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton speaks to these times in her Trinity Sunday sermon, which she prepared especially for use in our virtual capacity during the Covid pandemic. You can hear it here: Bishop Eaton’s Sermon. I hope you will listen to it, and mark, read, and inwardly digest it. She speaks the good news of the Gospel in a hard time.

The transcript of the Sermon is found here: Transcript of Sermon.

The photograph is offered by seminarian Abby Johnson, from a protest she attended.

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