Camp Calumet

Calumet Lutheran Camp and Conference Center

At Calumet, we strive to reach out to people from all walks of life, and bring them together in a safe and secure environment where they can share in faith, fun, fellowship, and personal enrichment — all for the purpose of supporting, strengthening, and serving the congregations of the New England Synod. This is our Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (

Many families and children from St. Paul have spent the summers at Calumet. During the summer, the Camp runs a residential camp for children and youth, and a family camp. Camp Calumet offers a wonderful program for training youth as camp counselors, where they learn leadership skills that serve them well in their future, as well as all the other enjoyable activities that go along with camping.  Calumet is open year-round for individual and family camping. The Camp offers many programs, from week-ends for kayak trips, and hiking, to classes in bell-ringing and quilting. The Camp also hosts important events and conferences for our Synod. Our pastor volunteers her time there as a chaplain in a variety of ways, in summer for family camp, or residential camp, and during the year for other programs. During the last four years she has taught a 5-day retreat in early Lent on iconography. The property is located on Lake Ossipee in Freedom, New Hampshire, just a short two hour drive from Cape Ann. St. Paul actively supports Camp Calumet.