Stewardship 2021-2022  

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37 

God commands us to be stewards over everything He blesses us with.Everything and in all times. And then came 2021… it stretched us, challenged us, changed us, and even rewarded us, in unexpected ways, as faithful stewards and followers of Christ’s teachings. 

Reflecting back to last year at this time, we didn’t know what was ahead with Pastor Anne’s unexpected need to retire late 2020, the COVID pandemic ahead, and national and global events of unrest, civil and environmentally, heightened in 2021. Without a spiritual leader, our trail guide, to lead us through paths along cliffs, darkened sections and through bright sunny clearings, how was it going to be possible to cope and serve? Yet, St. Paul Lutheran has stretched faithfully and grown together, looking at our history of strength, listened reflectively and supportively to the present needs, within us and around us, and with an openness to the possibilities of what is to come for our caring, devoted church community.  

During this transitional year, Sunday Worship was faithfully delivered online with gospel lead sermons by a gifted interim pastor, Rev. Luther Ziegler, and other insightful supply pastors, as well as liturgy and music shared to sustain us, until able to gather safely together in person. Through this year, we continued to pray and care for our church community and local missions with faithful stewardship… donating grocery gift cards during Advent, lovingly sewn quilts and warm socks  to homeless, delivering meals and rides throughout the year, tidying-up school yards, gathering supplies for teachers, caring and sharing our property with support groups and local preschool and all through the year meeting our financial obligations to sustain and thrive in our commitment to care and serve one another with Christ’s love. I pray that God will look upon St. Paul’s steadfast, caring, love and shared gifts during 2021 and reply to all of us, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (1 Corinthians 4:2).  

With excitement, we look forward to the upcoming Advent season and the start of 2022, with our new pastor, Rev. LaDonna Thomas, joining our caring St. Paul church. With her guidance, we seek familiar and new ways to serve each other, our community and God’s world. We are blessed with many riches… in gifts, talents, and funds, to connect and serve each other lovingly and faithfully, in Christ’s ways.  

With this year’s Stewardship Pledge, we ask you to please complete both sections of the provided form. Part I will help our council and new pastor to learn of your areas of interests in 2022. Before Part I is supplied to the council and pastor, Part II will be removed and held in confidence by the Financial Secretary. A summary of pledges will be supplied to the council to help in the budgeting process for 2022. 

 In Christ’s love,  

Martha Lilja-Johnson, Church Council President. 

We thank you again for your generous support of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

With Gratitude and Peace from the Stewardship Team: Deb Coull, Dylan Maki, Carl Johnson, Martha Johnson, Mary Jane Morrill, and Barbara Olson